Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Know What You Read Last Summer...and It Ain't Critical Theory

Funny story time!

As you guys may have surmised by the grievous lack of entries lately, this semester is kicking my ass.  But I still have time share a stupidly funny thing I did the other day.

For "Literature of the Roaring 20s," we were assigned to read a book called "Critical Theory Today" by Lois Tyson.  In it, she explains about a dozen critical theory lenses and supplies a sample essay that applies each theory to "The Great Gatsby."

Our assignment was to write a brief paper explaining which theories we found most and least useful.

When I got my paper back, I saw there were a few underlined spots and question marks on the first page.  When I looked more closely, I saw what I'd done.  It made me crack up.

Apparently, for the whole first page of the paper, I referred to Lois Tyson as Lois Duncan.

So not the same thing.  Good lord, I need a weekend.