Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New eBook Cover Completed!

Okay, I'm gearing up for my third eBook.  I finalized the cover yesterday and wanted to share it with you guys.  This one is a bit different than my two previous eBook covers--I actually use images here!  The tricky part about images is that you *must* own the copyrights.  I could design nifty covers all day long using something as simple as the clip art or stock images that come with Microsoft Office, but strictly speaking, that's not legal.  So I was limited to pictures I'd actually taken.

That put a damper on things, but I managed to come up with this:

I did several versions of this, mostly emphasizing different images and using different colors.  I liked the red version, but really, that's just because it looked pink.  I'm trying to remain gender-neutral in terms of cover design, so I nixed the pink because I'm guessing men don't want to buy a book with a pink cover.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you to keep us all inspired.  Now, it's back to formatting!