Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Anthology! And I'm in It! Big Applause for Misanthrope Press

Okay, so I've been a little off the radar recently.  That will change in late May, because I'll finally be done with grad school and have way more time to focus on writing.  I cannot wait.  

But until then, I have one super-cool thing to share with everyone.  I submitted a short story called "Croatoa" to an anthology called A Rustle of Dark Leaves, to be published by Misanthrope Press.  The story was accepted (yes!!) and the anthology is now published and available.

The anthology is all about dark tales that take place in the forest.  You'll encounter things that lurk, things that creep, things that terrify.  Primeval things.  Or maybe just evil things--this is certainly true for my story.

If you're at all interested in supporting a quality small press, please consider picking up a copy of this anthology.  The link above will take you the anthology's page at the Misanthrope Press website, where you can get a feel for it.

Cover image by Misanthrope Press